Take Charge of Risk

Tracking, tracing, and social distancing solutions for your workforce


How It Works

TraceAware's simple solution enables your workforce to get back to work safely.


Why TraceAware? 


Simple, Rapid Deployment 

There's very little that's easy about managing your workforce when it comes to Covid-19. Luckily TraceAware's simple hardware and cloud-based data platform is designed for simple, rapid deployment.  


Strap on and Get to Work

Lightweight and wrist worn, TraceAware's ergonomic band is designed to be worn all day and not impede normal workflows. Long lasting charge and seamless Bluetooth connectivity means you can deploy at scale. The durable design is made to last fits users of all shapes and sizes.


All the Details that Matter in One Place

All the data you need, nothing you don't. TraceAware gathers only the necessary proximity and time related data to help you mitigate risk without creating an overwhelming management task.  

TraceAware, Everywhere

TraceAware helps a wide variety of businesses and organizations get back to work safely an effectively 



Warehousing & Distribution

General Business


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